Product name:WS-C2960+48TC-L
Item: Cisco switch 2960 series

Description: WS-C2960+48TC-L Cisco Catalyst 2960 Plus 48 10/100 + 2 T/SFP LAN Base
Product Type: Ethernet Switch

This product is NIB, Factory Sealed, and Guaranteed Authentic. 

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Intelligent Ethernet Switch is a new family of fixed-configuration standalone device that provide desktop Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, enabling enhanced LAN services for entry-level enterprise, mid-market, and branch office networks. The Catalyst 2960 offers integrated security, including network admission control (NAC), advanced quality of service (QoS), and resiliency to deliver intelligent services for the network edge.


Cisco switch 2960 series WS-C2960+48TC-L Interfaces/Ports:
Total Number of Network Ports: 48
Uplink: Yes
Number of Network (RJ-45) Ports: 48
Port/Expansion Slot Details: 48 x Fast Ethernet Network        
Port/Expansion Slot Details: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Uplink      
Port/Expansion Slot Details: 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Slot                                                                        

Cisco switch 2960 series
WS-C2960+48TC-L Media & Performance:
Media Type Supported: Twisted Pair
Twisted Pair Cable Standard: Category 5
Ethernet Technology: Fast
Network Technology: 
Network Technology:10/100/1000Base-T

Cisco Switch 2960 series 
WS-C2960+48TC-L I/O Expansion:
Number of Total I/O Expansion Slots: 2
I/O Expansion Slot Type: SFP
Number of SFP Slots: 2

Cisco Switch 2960 series 
WS-C2960+48TC-L Network & Communication: 
Layer Supported:2

Cisco Switch 2960 series 
WS-C2960+48TC-L Management & Protocols:
Cisco Network Assistant
Management: CiscoWorks Support
Management: Device manager
Management: Cisco Express Setup
Management: CiscoView application
Management: Cisco Network Assistant Software
Management: Remote Monitoring (RMON)
Management: Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) reduces the cost of administering software upgrades by downloading from a centralized location
Management: Network Timing Protocol (NTP) provides an accurate and consistent timestamp to all intranet switches
Management: Cisco IOS CLI support provides a common user interface and command set with all Cisco routers and Cisco Catalyst desktop switches
Management: Cisco Service Assurance Agent (SAA) support facilitates service-level management throughout the LAN
Management: Switching Database Manager templates for security and QoS allow administrators to easily adjust memory allocation to the desired features based on deployment-specific requirements
Management: VLAN trunks can be created from any port using standards-based 802.1q tagging
Management: Up to 255 VLANs per switch or stack and up to 128 spanning-tree instances per switch are supported.
Management: Four thousand VLAN IDs are supported
Management: Voice VLAN simplifies telephony installations by keeping voice traffic on a separate VLAN for easier administration and troubleshooting
Management: Cisco VTP supports dynamic VLANs and dynamic trunk configuration across all switches
Management: SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 and Telnet interface support delivers comprehensive in-band management, and a CLI-based management console provides detailed out-of-band management
Management: Cisco Discovery Protocol Versions 1 and 2 help enable a CiscoWorks network-management station for automatic switch discovery

Cisco Switch 2960 series 
WS-C2960+48TC-L Memory:
Standard Memory: 64MB
Memory Technology: DRAM
Flash Memory: 32MB

Cisco Switch 2960 series 
WS-C2960+48TC-L Power Desription:
Power PoE (RJ-45) Port: Yes
Power Input Voltage:110V AC
Power Input Voltage: 220V AC
Power Input Voltage Range: 110 V AC to 220 V AC
Power Source: Power supply
Redundant Power Supply:Yes

Cisco Switch 2960 series 
WS-C2960+48TC-L Physical Characteristics:
Physical Characteristics Form Factor: Rack-mountable
Physical Characteristics: Wall mountable
Physical Characteristics Desktop
Physical Characteristics Height: 1.7"
Physical Characteristics Width: 17.5"
Physical Characteristics Depth: 9.3"
Physical Characteristics Weight (Approximate):8lb   

H&C NETWORK HARDWARE CO., LTD. 2960 series switch:

WS-C2960+24LC-L              WS-C2960-48PST-L               WS-C2960G-8TC-L              WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L
WS-C2960+24LC-S              WS-C2960-48PST-L-M           WS-C2960PD-8TT-L            WS-C2960X-24TD-L
WS-C2960+24PC-L              WS-C2960-48PST-S               WS-C2960S-24PD-L            WS-C2960X-24TS-L
WS-C2960+24PC-S              WS-C2960-48TC-L                  WS-C2960S-24PS-L            WS-C2960X-24TS-LL
WS-C2960+24TC-L               WS-C2960-48TC-S                  WS-C2960S-24TD-L            WS-C2960X-48FPD-L
WS-C2960+24TC-S               WS-C2960-48TT-L                   WS-C2960S-24TS-L            WS-C2960X-48FPS-L
WS-C2960+48PST-L             WS-C2960-48TT-S                   WS-C2960S-24TS-S           WS-C2960X-48LPD-L
WS-C2960+48PST-S             WS-C2960-8TC-L                    WS-C2960S-48FPD-L          WS-C2960X-48LPS-L
WS-C2960+48TC-L                WS-C2960-8TC-S                    WS-C2960S-48FPS-L          WS-C2960X-48TD-L
WS-C2960+48TC-S                WS-C2960C-12PC-L              WS-C2960S-48LPD-L          WS-C2960X-48TS-L
WS-C2960-24LT-L                  WS-C2960C-8PC-L                WS-C2960S-48LPS-L           WS-C2960X-48TS-LL
WS-C2960-24PC-L                 WS-C2960CG-8TC-L             WS-C2960S-48TD-L              WS-C2960XR-24PD-I
WS-C2960-24PC-S                 WS-C2960CPD-8PT-L           WS-C2960S-48TS-L              WS-C2960XR-24PS-I
WS-C2960-24TC-S                 WS-C2960CPD-8TT-L            WS-C2960S-48TS-S             WS-C2960XR-24TD-I
WS-C2960-24TC-S                 WS-C2960G-24TC-L               WS-C2960X-24PD-L             WS-C2960XR-24TS-I
WS-C2960-24TT-L                  WS-C2960G-48TC-L               WS-C2960X-24PS-L              WS-C2960XR-48FPD-I
WS-C2960XR-48FPS-I           WS-C2960XR-48LPD-I           WS-C2960XR-48LPS-I           WS-C2960XR-48TD-I

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